Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sewing in the Winter sun

Hi Everybody,
It's been a lovely day here in Melbourne,sun shining and not to cold ,so I dropped my car off for a service and spent the day sewing and teaching my girlfriend Miss Kylie how to sew cushions,while our kids played out in the's today's projects.
A selection of T towel cushions

Some lacy numbers

A Velvet pouffe for Miss Kylie's Moroccan party
So hope all's well in your world!
Cheers Lyn

Monday, 1 July 2013

Things made and fabulous finds

Hi Everyone,
It seems that a lot of people are writing blogs less and less and I have found a few of my favourites have gone to face book.
 Its such a shame as I enjoy reading blog so much as you can ignore the bad and negative responses that are sometimes made.
 Overall I have had a good blog life and will continue to write  as often as something blog worthy happens.
Speaking of which, I've had some vintage music sheets hanging around the shop and felt it was time to re purpose them in some way.
I decided that vintage music bunting was the way to go.
Old photos and scraps of lace

made there way in to the mix

and it sort of makes them quite whimsical

and sweet.

American presidents quilt

Not the best photos but it was wet in the line!

 going up to Roosevelt.

Vintage collar with tiny flowers hand sew. 

A beautiful piano shawl

And of course Miss Grace 
                                                                      So that's about it!
                                                   More to come when newsworthy.
                                                                           Cheers Lyn