Monday, 17 December 2012

A year in pictures with Miss Grace

Hi Everyone,
With Christmas only days away and my slackness at not writing a blog evident I felt today I would put away my work and do a blog on my Little miss Grace.
Over the last year Miss Grace has had quite a struggle with talking,toilet training and generally being at the same level as her peers.
So with the help of her friends, teachers and of course mum and dad grace is now completely toilet trained and is talking really well with the exception of a few tricky words.
So here's a photo collage of Miss Grace ,A Celebration of her achievements.

so thats all folks!!sorry to bore the people who are not interested in children but today I'm pretty proud of my girl!!!                                                     cheers Lyn

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christmas at the Studio and other stuff

Hi Everyone,
had a frantic couple of weeks since my last post consisting of several estates and house calls which have left us all with lots of washing, pricing and moving things around to accommodate the new stock.
However there have been some fun things as well including family time and Christmas at the Studio.
This is a regular event that has been going on for twenty five years ,a small artists market involving lots of local people and is a fabulous inspiration to me.(makes me feel quite inadequate when I see the variety of talented people out there) so photos...
Miss Grace visiting the snakes

daddy looking a bit apprehensive

first swim for summer

Christmas at the studio

beautiful pottery

tin hearts

caravan love

  fabulous stand

sunny bedroom

gorgeous glass

hand painted horse

union jack

The Vintage Girls

lovely linen

The Vintage Emporium

Jo and her fabulous stories under glass

one of the creepy estates

first dentist visit

visiting the ducks
                                   so that's a slice of our life over the last couple of weeks.
                                                                  Cheers Lyn

Monday, 12 November 2012

making stuff and spring cleaning

Hi Everyone,
We have had a bit of sunshine of late and I have not wanted to spend to much time on the computer!!
However I have been in the sewing room sewing and doing a spring clean out.
Lots of bags have been going to all the local charity shops as I plow through all the things that I have no inspiration for, or I am just over!This leaves me with lots of things I have forgotten about and more projects to be finish!oh well here's some of the latest finished projects.
Pretty necklaces out of found bits and pieces

Vintage roses on hats and bags

knit and lace

knit and lace

lacy sun dress

asymmetrical linen and lace coat

                               So back to it ! filling my stalls for the silly season .
                                                                    Cheers all Lyn

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Live models for my lacys

Hi Everyone,
 I popped down to the vintage shed today to drop off some new stock and take down my latest selection of Lacy's that I had made yesterday, luckily Miss Megan and Miss Andrea were there to give us all a fashion parade.
Pretty smiles

Its great to see my work on people 

instead of a dress dummy!

Thanks Girls!

sorry about the blurry photos

Looked fine till I put on my glasses!
 The Lovely Jo Anderson Invited Vanessa and I to her 50th Birthday last Saturday night and we frocked up accordingly in a mixture of vintage and my Lacy's and after an hour and a half found her house.(we got lost!)Jo is a really talented Artist in her own right and has an amazing imagination!
Jo on the Right

advent calendar

her thoughtful displays

pretty dolls on the bed

some of her beautiful work 
So great party fun was had by all.Thanks JO for a great night.
Cheers all Lyn