Monday, 28 May 2012

T Towel Up-cycle Sewing Day

Hi Everybody,
Lovely Melbourne weather drawers us inside today as its cold and fairly miserable outside, and off to my sewing room for a spot of sewing.
 Mr FV&C picked up a stack of T Towels from a garage sale a couple of weeks ago to add to my already large collection,so I knew it was time to make something a bit different .
The 1950s chair with a T towel makeover

side view

1950s Vintage T towel cushion

Pretty green Paris cushion

Faith, Hope and Cake
And that's about it,must be coffee and cake time!
Cheers Lyn

New Stall Space at The Vintage Shed

Hi Everyone,
Spent a productive day at the Vintage shed setting up my new stall space. Unfortunately I only have the space for a month  as the Vintage Girls are expecting a shipment from the USA. Jodie the owner of the shed is looking for another space for me so I can keep extra space for new and exciting stuff !so here's a look at what I've done.
French Vintage

Minty green pretty's

Hankies and pretty ladies

Beautiful 1950s cabinet

Lace, chenilles and quilts

Fainting couch

Industrial love

New T towel cushions

World globes

Medicine cabinet

bowls and bowls

Memory jars
So there will be new and exciting things coming in on Thursday, because I could not fit everything into the car today. Hope you like!
                                                              cheers Lyn

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Friday Arvo at Glen Waverley

Hi everyone,
Yes another Friday at Glen Waverley Center .
Lots of new stalls and great stock to look at check it out !
Michaels retro 

Kens eclectic mix

Mickeys bike

Fabulous retro stall

Septembre vintage style

Pretty pink
                                                                       That's all folks!
                                                                       enjoy your day !
                                                                           Cheers Lyn

Monday, 21 May 2012

Ingrid dresses up

Hi everyone,
Clothes have always been a major love of mine.
Way back in the eighties I studied fashion design and worked in the industry an many and varied positions. I'm not really that keen on having my photo taken so when I find the perfect model who is quite happy to try on vintage clothes AND have there photo taken I let it rip.
                            The Beautiful watermelon silk 1950s ball dress

The Powder Blue Prom dress Came in its original box  beautifully wrapped with a Tiara ,a lavender sachet and a note saying to my princess with love. I have had her for many years and I know that she is waiting for just the right girl

Friday, 18 May 2012

Flat out week

Hi everybody.
Big  week this week ,2 estates visiting Glen Waverley for a few quick snaps tidy up at The Vintage shed and Last but not least the vintage Fair at the exhibition buildings.
Shabby vintage Junk

Michael's yummy cutlery

Kens Irish green

Tamara,s peters sign

Vintage fair
So obsessed was I with the fabulous clothes ,hats and jewellery that I forgot to take photos. (doh!)
But a great time was had by all.
Cheers Lyn

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Cool room stalls at Glen Waverley

Hi everybody,
The "cool room" at Glen Waverly is jam packed full of great stalls  and some fantastic stuff.
Shabby Vintage Junk

Melbourne winter sports

Beautiful lockers

Industrial chic

Register numbers

Man's best friend

Pretty in pink
With our wonderful Melbourne weather Sunday's at Glen Waverley is the place to be !
11a Aristoc Road Glen Waverley.
Cheers Lyn

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Recycle,Up cycle, Just making things.

Hi Everyone,
I was going through my old stock and deciding what was going to the opp shop and I came across a couple of things that were nice fabric or unusual details and I felt that they could have another Life in Miss Graces wardrobe.
Before , Ladies top nice cotton great design detail.

Miss Grace in her new Play dress

Doyley details added to a hand me down .  
A skirt from a  Ladies top and an old skirt

Pretty skirt and top from old Ladies Jumper

So now these are Firm favourites in Miss Graces wardrobe !
 Think before you donate your old clothes what can you make out of them ?
But If you can't think of anything donate to a worthy cause !
Cheers Lyn

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Memory Jars

Hi  Everyone,
 Inspiration sometimes comes at the most difficult times,particularly when your hell bent on doing something useful or constructive.

Mr FV&C and I are working really hard to clean out our house ,shed and surrounds to try and live like normal people. (like no  stock and unfinished projects everywhere) So as I'm going through stuff ;I kept finding things that were totally useless but for some reason I could not throw away, they sort of had a voice.
So I started writing Little Stories in jars
Hope you like
Cheers Lyn