Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Changes at Second Hand Heaven

Hi everyone,
Before the car had its mental breakdown I managed to set up my new clothing stall at Second Hand Heaven.
Lots of new stock and some great designer pieces plus lots more to look at.
Teeny weeny clothing stall that packs a punch

Pigeon holes in blue

West German pottery

So very cute woofers

Mighty timber lockers

Love his red shirt

Boys toys
So check this out when your out on this rainy Melbourne weekend .At Second Hand Heaven Gordon Street Mornington.
Happy Birthday Raymond  my lovely big brother for The first of March.
Cheers All Lyn

The Vintage Shed new photos

Hi Everyone,
My Car is out of action with some radiator problem so I'm at home a lot this week waiting for a lift and repairs.
However Mr FV&C and Tom are driving me when I start getting a little stir crazy.
Tom and I motored down to the Vintage shed in his chic magnet today and  took a few photos while I was there.
Septembre style

FV&C Vintage


Shabby Vintage Junk

Vanessa's shoe room

Tea With Audrey

FV&C satin 1940s dress
Sorry about the average photos still haven't quite mastered the art of photography
With a rainy weekend ahead Its a good time for a trip down to the coast and check out The vintage shed.
Cheers Lyn

Great New Stuff at Glen Waverley

Hi everyone,
Took some more photos the other day and I always try to find the quirky and interesting things to photograph.
There is new stock coming in every day and it is always fun to have a look around when I'm there. Here's the latest.
The living dead

Caravan love at Suburban Vintage

Pretty birthday bears

Industrial lights

September vintage French magazines

Pretty needlepoint chair

Andrew Peacock

New stall Milk Bar Vintage

Quirky bottles

Cool Medical Stuff

Fantastic industrial stuff

Coke chair

1950s beaded top
So Come  down and have a look.
I've also been setting up a new stall at Second hand Heaven full of great clothes and designer gear {more about that in my next post}
Come down and see us at;

Waverley  Antiques Bazaar 11a Aristoc road Glen Waverley,

Second Hand Heaven Gordon Street Mornington.

The Vintage Shed and The Vintage Emporium 93 Mornington -Tyabb Road Tyabb.

Cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New stock at Glen Waverley

 Hi everybody,
I took some photos yesterday at Glen Waverley at some funky new stock that's arrived on some of the other stalls hope you like.
Johns horse

Cute first aid boxes

Septembre's vintage suitcases

Auto box

one handsome soldier

Pink and black louboutans at suburban vintage

Cute kids dressers at shabby vintage junk.

So I'll be back at Glen Waverley on Friday with  some new stock and some more photos enjoy! Come visit us at 11a Aristoc rd Glen Waverley.
Cheers Lyn

New Cushions and stuff

Hi everyone,
 Finally had five minutes to do some sewing today before racing off to Glen Waverley to put everything away.
Acquired some lovely t towels this week and also did another chair covered in vintage blankets.
Cinzano and union jack

Birds ,words and numbers

Funky kryal castle from the 1970s

new stool s

new chairs

Finally creations at Glen Waverley in vintage blanket chair.
Hope you like the new creations!The other new items will be making there way down to the vintage shed tomorrow .Cheers Lyn

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Glen Waverley new snapshots

Hi everyone,
Spent some time on Friday at Glen Waverley redoing my stall, and adding some new stock. There's Lots of new stall holders and much new and interesting stuff to look at.
Mr Fv&c has taken some more space in the new area so we did some merchandising there.
Miss Grace was most hepful in her way.
We also spent some time looking at the new stalls so here's some photos.{warning lots of photos}
My old wares.

French Vintage and Chic boutique

Yummy old wares

Septembre style

Septembre fabulous drawers

Guys poodle

Some beautiful tapestries I want to make into cushions

Cute retro prints

1950s TV

Mr Fv&Cs new space in the freezer.

To die for outdoor setting

Kens funky mix
So I will be back next Friday with some new stock   and new photos  Enjoy
Cheers Lyn
Visit us at 11a Aristoc rd Glen Waverley.