Saturday, 28 April 2012

Nice People at garage sales

Hi Everybody.
We attend a lot of garage sales in our Saturday life and find most people are pleasant however,some don't like dealers (many with good reason).
We met a really nice group of people who were running a garage sale from a group of units in my home town.
Not only were they nice,helpful and provided some beautiful home made sausage rolls they happily looked after Miss Grace while we were Loading the truck.
 They also understood that going to garage sales was part of how we make our living and we were not just there as rip off merchants.
It was like a party and we were all made welcome a great experience for all.
Thanks guys from a world weary bunch of dealers.
Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Vintage Shed New Snapshots

Hi Everyone,
Got my camera out at the Vintage Shed today and took some quick shots,hope you like.
Dancing Trophies

Red & green a favourite combo

Foxy and Ginger style

Beautiful terrariums

Retro style

 Gorgeous green
Vintage girls map
So I will be at the Glen Waverley Bazaar this arvo might see you there!
Cheers Lyn

Friday, 20 April 2012

Getting Things Sorted

Hi Everyone,
Since I now have Just two centres instead of four, things are starting to really work well at both centres.
 I have had more time for merchandising, pricing, sewing and actually spending time with family and friends.
So Ive had some great things going into my stalls and out just as fast with out getting there portrait taken.
So when I was there on Thursday My stall had its photo taken and some of the things that I've picked up lately did also.
That's the big picture

Cash register keys and bottles

Red and green always look great 

I love antlers

Big letters

Letter box and drawers
So there you have it. There will be a few new things coming down Tomorrow so get down and check it out.
Cheers Lyn

Another Mixed bag

Hi Everyone,
Ive taken some photos lately not really enough for a proper blog on any one subject, or there probably is I'm just not feeling it yet. so here's a mixed bag of stuff.
Paris corner at home

Bits and bobs in the sewing room

Vintage girl style

Shabby vintage Junk

Suitcases and garden gnomes

Pretty pants

Miss Grace in a quiet moment

French Charm.

So that's about it.
 Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Miss Grace and her new Vintage Overalls

Hi Everyone,
The lovely Vanessa from the vintage emporium gave Miss Grace the most beautiful pair of 1950s overalls. 
I have found some Vintage Children's clothes over the years but not a lot  that have actually fitted Miss Grace, many have been baby clothes that have been lovingly kept by Mothers as there children have grown out of them.
These overalls have a lovely beach scene and are made from Bark cloth they have been patched and repaired many times and still had a few holes which I repaired with orange felt stars Hopefully they will last many more wears with there new owner.
The above said model at try on stage

Ready for school in new outfit

Dad in on the act with his star ship pants
Enjoy your day ! 
Cheers Lyn

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lots more pictures

Hi everyone,
Had a quick trip to Glen Waverley on Friday as Uncle Tom had a delivery and I caught a lift with him and had the chance to take some more photos.
Little china girl

French flavour

Green dresser

Retro heaven

old and beautiful

Milk bar style

Green simplicity

I also went to the Vintage shed
 and remembered to take some photos of the changes I've made at the Emporium
1960s & 1970s

Lace corner

Alannah Hill corner
So hope you liked the photos!
Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter at Glen Waverley

Hi Everyone,
Chocoholics unite!
Yes its that time of the year again,an excuse to eat chocolate!
So when you've all enjoyed chocolate for breakfast, lunch and tea, head over to the antique centre and take a leisurely stroll around and look at the new Treasures that have come in.

Ruler cupboard

Grumpy old man

Crocks and Tiki lamp

More drawers


Delicious dummyGrace in shot too!

Noah and friends

Lovely red cupboard

Learning cards

Septembre style
Hope you all have a great Easter break!
Cheers Lyn

Monday, 2 April 2012

Recovery Week

Hi Everyone,
Miss Gracie feeding the ducks and swans

In her togs preparing for the water

ooh its cold !
Miss Grace,uncle Tom and I headed off for a weeks recovery in Lakes Entrance and left Mr FV&C at home for some boy time.
 We had a lovely time on the lake watching the birds,walking on the 90 mile beach and of course a little opp shopping
.I will post later this week with some photos of our finds.
Cheers all Lyn