Monday, 18 February 2013

Some Lace curtains for Me.

Hi Everyone,
Its been hot here in Mornington for around a week so its been nice to have some cooler weather today.It was a good afternoon to get in to the sewing room  and make some curtains from some old white table cloths that were to damaged to sell .
I've been cleaning out the sewing room and the accumulation of lots of fabrics and lace bits have been getting up cycled, priced or taken to the opp shop.
So it was nice to do something for our home today.
I think that the random holes make them a little charming. It goes with the not perfect things we have picked up at estates and garage sales that I have not wanted  to sell. They look nice with the lace bunting that I made around ten years ago.
                                                       the comfy chair, a good reading spot
                                                                     white Lace
                                                                         Lots of white
                                                      This is a pretty one in the bathroom
                                                    only  five more widows to cover!
                                                                      Cheers Lyn

Friday, 15 February 2013

A little sewing moment!

Hi everyone,
Took down  eight boxes to the vintage shed today filled to the brim with lots of fabric and household linens and many were snapped up before they were  even put out ! so a good start to the weekend.
Finally have my car back so I will be out on the garage sale trail on Saturday.However the football was back on again tonight so I did some sewing in my newly tidy sewing room where I can now find almost everything !
                                                        Pretty 20's style black and white

                                                        Little black flapper dress
                                                                Classic London Icons
                                                                   Bambi and mates
                                                                         Nautical knots
                                                                     So that's all folks !
                                                                            Cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mornington Cup,general catch up post and Life as it is Today !

Hi Everybody,
So after that Title you would expect something interesting ! Stuck at home as the cars ignition thingy has to be replaced.
Its a beautiful day outside and I would have loved to take grace down to the beach (she is home due to a teachers strike) but alas not to be!
On the good side of things I've managed to price a heap of stock to take down to the Vintage shed tomorrow, and I can see most of the floor in the house now!
I'm also participating in Lite and easy because I'm neither and want to change that (the lite part anyway).
Yesterday was the Mornington Cup and several of us attended in our finery and had a lovely time in the beehive Marquee ,and finished the day with my closest friends and family at the Dava for dinner and watched the sun set!
 Lite and easy lunch today
Poor bored Grace

Megs ,Vanessa and Miss Andrea

Trying to take a photo of my hair

the girls in the Beehive did lots of makeovers

sunset at the Dava
                                              So not a terribly exciting post but there it is!
                                                                            Cheers Lyn