Sunday, 25 March 2012

Friday at Glen Waverley

Hi Everyone,
Fridays are our day at Glen Waverley its a chance to re stock ,Merchandise and have a look around.
Here's the latest photos.
Three little maids all in a row

Sun tanned Aussie

Pinball wizard

London tower and letters

Mix and match

Racing numbers
Hope you like! cheers Lyn.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Glen Waverley New stalls

Hi Everybody,
 Seems Like Friday is the day the whole family gets to Glen Waverley and the place is growing really fast.
There are so many stall holders with great creativity and unusual stock, here's a few.
Fabulous phone

Great display

green is good

red too

love those bowls

a retro room

peely paint cupboard in duck egg blue

And I've set up a new kids stall

 With some of my originals
so what are you waiting for!! get down here!!!
Glen Waverley Antiques Bazaar
11a Aristoc Road
Glen Waverley

Cheers Lyn

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Things Found ,Made and Recycled

Hi Everybody,
Sometimes In my work I pick up things and forget to take photos of some great finds.
So by the time I remember there already priced and down at the centres.
Here's a few that got there portrait taken,
The lovely Ingrid in the green velvet 1950s dress

Lucite and cane 1950s bag

Pink 1940s dress and Jacket

1950s pleated dress

Grace being reluctant model in new t towel dress

Sit down and 34 stools

Cinzano and union jack

Seats and chairs
More when I remember!
 Cheers Lyn

Creatures of the Greenwood

Hi Everyone,
I'm Lucky to know a talented Lady who is a jewelry designer she makes beautiful brooches and necklace's from vintage cutlery .These are little pieces of art.Megan sells her jewellery at The Vintage Emporium and Felix in Dromana under the name "Creatures of the Greenwood."

My own beautiful brooch

Bird in a cage

a selection of her work

A cushion I made for her

with lots of animals
Get down to The Vintage Emporium at Tyabb and check out her work.
Cheers Lyn

Friday, 9 March 2012

Glen Waverley Latest Pictures

Hi Everyone,
 Now that the cars healthy again Been over to Glen Waverley done some stall changes and taken some more photos.
There's lots of new stall holders with fantastic new stock and great ideas.
With the long weekend upon us its time to head down and check out Melbourne's best kept secret.
Beautiful 1950s Prom dress

My new kids range made from 1970s fabric

A cute new stall

Unusual bits and bobs

Sock toys at Suburban Vintage

Rustic old wares

Milk bar vintage

Andreas shoes

Sawdust dolls


Number tree
Lots more to see so, as Molly said "do yourself a favour" and head down to 11a Aristoc road in Glen Waverley. Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Vintage Caravan Works

Hi everyone,
Uncle Tom and I spent Wednesday Working hard on the caravan deck.[Actually Tom worked hard on the deck and I made curtains for his new van].
 One must use ones skills where they are of best use.
 We spent around $40 dollars on timber, a tractor pallet for the base and a few scraps that were lying around at home.
The pallet in all its glory

Yep its starting

Time for drinkies.

So its finished, not a bad effort Uncle Tom !
Cheers Lyn