Saturday, 31 May 2014

Collection every couple of days#71

Hi Everyone,
Miss Graces vintage toy collection.
These pretty little tins and toys have been collected over the last six years at estates and garage sales for our daughter Miss Grace.
 At the time of photographing the new cat in our lives Princess Chloe decided to photo bomb the shot!
So I kept it !
Cheers Lyn.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Collection every couple of days#70

Hi everyone,
So now I've almost exhausted all of our house looking for more collections to share with you friendly folk,I remember the advertising pieces that I have in the bathroom.
Well we all spend time in our bathrooms at some point in our days it's always nice having something fun to look at.
The two counter adds came from my friend George at the old Mornington antique Centre ,while the Aspro sign came from  a garage sale the girdle cylinder cane as a lucky opp shop find.
Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #69

Hi Everyone,
yes I know I'm not the worlds best photographer but I do the best  I can with what I have

Neither am I the worlds best speller again gotta do the best with what we can ,but I digress.
These pretty lady's in there crinolines have just come from estates and just ended up staying when they were supposed to go for sale,but they just add that old world charm.
Cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #68

Hi Everyone,
Blue and green hats,love 1950s hats they were from a time when everyone dressed up to leave the house hats, gloves and pretty dresses.
I have quite a few hats some for sale at the antique centres and some at home in a display case and yes I do wear them occasionally !
Cheers Lyn

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #67

Hi Everyone,
I started collecting these when I was pregnant with my daughter as we come across these at estates and garage sales .
I wanted a little wall display above her change table and then I came across the pretty ladies and well I became a bit hooked.
So now when they come my way I keep a few as the images are so beautiful.
Cheers Lyn

Monday, 26 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #66

Hi Everyone,
Caravan kitchen accessories
My caravan has a blue theme going on ,so I tend to choose delicious 1950s colours with an accent of red to make it pop.

Most of these kitchen bits have been collected from opp shops and are great kitchen staples for the caravan.
Cheers Lyn

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #65

Hi Everyone,
Oven mitts.
These little guys found me ! All from various estates and of course they live in the caravan.
all handmade and really cute designs .
I really like the duck on the right as its actually two oven mitts,and the cats are all hand embroidered .
I now keep my eyes open when I'm out and about.
I believe these were made for a glory box (hope chest)as they don't seem to be used.
can you imagine several of these lady's stitching these for their soon to be married life?
Cheers Lyn

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #64

Hi Everyone,
Pretty floral thermos.
I'm always on the look out for these beautiful practical thermos we use them all year round as my husband is an obsessive tea drinker.
I've added the large mauve one only today picked up at a garage sale for a song! And the others have been picked up at opp shops,and are in constant use! Love there pretty colours and of course the floral designs on them .
They always give me a smile!
Cheers Lyn.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #63

Hi Everyone,
Full Aprons
As you all know I love aprons and as far as wearing them these long ones are the ones I wear , And yes I do feel like a 1950s house wife in them .
Last week in Ballarat was the first apron festival and I was wanting to go but was unable to ,so next year this is one for my to do list!
I do sell a lot of aprons at the antiques centres and often upcycle them into dresses and skirts as there so beautiful .
often I  make some from pillowcases and fabric scraps like our grandmothers did before us.
Gotta love them .
Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #62

Hi Everyone,
Ok we all know I'm a little obsessed with my vintage caravan and a few things have found there way to me .
This little collection is all about caravans and things depicting caravans some old and some new.
They of course live in the caravan and my brother has collected some more toy caravans for me and is in the process of sending them from Western Australia to Victoria ,so soon I will have more to add to the collection.
More photos to come when they arrive!
Cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #61

Hi Everyone,
Vintage tablecloths,
I keep this little stash in my vintage caravan and plan to use them when my caravan finally gets back on the road (for our American friends Trailer)
Love there bright colours and designs pretty flowers ,Venetian gondolas and beach babes and umbrellas.
There's a killer one down the bottom that has great alcoholic beverages around the edges, I can see a caravan cocktail party for this one!
Cheers Lyn.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Collection every couple of days#60

Hi Everyone,
1950s politically incorrect pieces,
I mean seriously what else do I call these beautiful pieces as not to offend people!
Some of these pieces are new top left but some are old like the Barsony lady in the middle with the lei around her neck.
The two negro profile faces are from an estate as well as the unusual face tray.I think they are all really beautiful pieces and I enjoy looking at them in my caravan.

So I apologise in advance if I have offended anyone by owning these items.
Any one else got any?
Cheers Lyn

Monday, 19 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #59

Hi Everyone,
Picnic supplies, I think everyone likes the idea of picnics but the reality doesn't live up to the idea as in my career I find so many hardly used picnic pieces
This Brexton set is one of the many that have passed through my hands(I did keep this one)pink and red cant resist.
Other little gems pictured here are a ceramic lunch pail ,two fantastic metal sandwich holders,joined salt and pepper shakers and a repro favourite thermos which does get a regular work out from me.
When our vintage caravan is up and running I hope all these pretty pieces will get a regular workout.
Cheers Lyn.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #58

Hi Everyone,
Hostess Aprons,
I love these pretty little aprons they were originally designed for the perfect dinner party cover never really designed to get dirty but to look pretty while you were serving dinner.
They all seem to be in pretty pastel sheer fabrics with lace or contrasting trim ,and usually quite small as not to overwhelm your outfit.
I can see Betty Draper in one of these and in a perfectly coordinating full skirted dress!
Clearly I was born a couple of decades to late!
Cheers Lyn.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #57

Hi Everyone ,
Due to our unseasonably warm weather I've taken some photos out doors and in my vintage caravan just for a change!so her we go!
Vintage aprons,yep you are either an apron wearer or not and initially I wouldn't be seen dead in one but after ruining countless clothes I now live in one however these beauties I don't wear exept on special occasions.
 And you can see me happily at home doing housework pricing stock or whatever in my trusty apron
And yes there are days I choose one of these or my own handmade number and wear them out,which confuses some and delights others.
So lots of these aprons come through my house many from estates and some just end up staying because they are so beautiful.
Are you an apron wearer?
Cheers Lyn

Friday, 16 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #56

Hi Everyone,
I'm a sewer, and I love buttons so I collect them to add to a garment or repair a vintage garment for the shop.
Then there are buttons that are just so beautiful that you just keep them for the sake of it!

This little bundle is one of lots that I have and the collection grows every time we get an estate.
Cheers Lyn.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #55

Hi Everyone,
Animal Brooches,as we have discovered in previous posts I like Brooches and here is a few more to add to my collection .
These are more cheap and cheerful and picked up over the last couple of years at the opp shop or craft market.

Two of interest are the little Scottie  dog from the 1940s -1950s made from Bakelite and the crocodile on the bottom left which I found in a rubbish box at an estate all tarnished and dirty (lucky I had some glasses on ) after a good clean she is as good as new.
 I'm shore there is still more to come !
Cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #54

Hi everyone,
Tiny Victorian Dolls,these little lady's are so cute all made of porcelain and all have the cutest little faces.this collection are child dolls one has been carefully dressed and one is almost pixie like with a pointed hat.
They have come from all different estates and currently live in my daughters room and she thinks they are just fabulous.
.me too!
Cheers Lyn.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #53

Hi everyone,
Royal things,a small collection that has come to me by accident.
These two coaches have come from two different estates and were made to celebrate the royal wedding in 1953 (I think!) they are really quite delicate and originally came with the horses which are long lost.

The red disk was a picture frame which has now been made into a necklace and it was made as a coronation keepsake.humble beginnings for a royal collection!
Cheers Lyn

Monday, 12 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #52

Hi everyone,
Pocket knives.
These are the classic boys toys,every boy in the 1950s had a pocket knife.
These chaps have lovely graphics on them  one is a mounted policeman one is a Sherif. and the last one is for Atlantic gasoline.
I can picture the little boys who owned these feeling very proud of them.
Cheers Lyn

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #51

Hi Everyone,
Silvac bunnies,I should have done this post for Easter but alas I only thought of them today.
The green and the yellow bunnies came from a little market in Tasmania when I was on holidays with some friends about 8 years ago and I bought them for Michael and my bedside tables
Well luckily they got busy and along came the big eared bunny whom I guess we will call Grace,and now we have a happy bunny family .
Amazing how life imitates art.
Cheers Lyn

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Collections every couple of days#50

Hi Everyone,
Toy guns, yes I'm a lover not a fighter!
These little chaps have been found in many and varies places and are very cute vintage toy guns.
I'm not really a gun fan, but I have to admit they are rather cute. I have another that is a cigar cutter that was not available for the shoot today ( bad Joke ).
I often wonder if they were childhood toys of the owners or un given gifts .
Cheers Lyn

Friday, 9 May 2014

Collection every couple of days#49

Hi everyone
Perfume and soap boxes,after a good clean up I have found more boxes.
I love their pretty graphics and designs and they do still smell delightful

Such a lot of thought was put in to the details of these boxes and clearly they were made to last ,many that I have found have been kept to store small items such as buttons and pins and in one case love letters.
Where do you store your letters ?
Cheers Lyn.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Collection every couple of days#48

Hi Everyone,
Pink jewellery ,clearly I like pink! There's just something about the colour.
This little collection has been growing for years,it consists of mostly costume jewellery .The beautiful necklace around the bottom of the picture was bought at my local opp shop and is made from paper flowers joined together with glass doves and has velvet neck ties and matching earrings ,its a real show stopper.
There are two beautiful brooches in the middle one on the right is a lucite carved back brooch from the  1940s  one next to it is a pretty paste brooch from the 1950s with pink diamotes .and the rest are just pretty pieces.
Do you have a favourite you like to wear?
Cheers Lyn.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #47

Hi Everyone,
Ivorine ,Ivory and bone.
This collection has been added to over many years.
The two top buckles belonged to my grandmother and are Ivorine  which is a type of Bakelite .
They are beautifully carved with roses and flowers.
The square box in the middle is a puzzle picked up at a deceased estate along with the ivory child's teeth hand carved I think in the Japanese Nechkie tradition.
The other bits and bobs have just been picked up along the way at various garage sales and Opp shops.
In the middle of the picture is one of my favourite brooches of Charlie Mac Carthy who was Edgar Bergen's dummy he was a popular entertainer in the 1930s and 1940s and also Candice Bergen's father.
Its a really sweet little brooch with all his details on the back.Not well known here in Australia but very popular with our American friends.
Cheers Lyn

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #46

Hi everyone,
Huge keys ,I've only started collecting these fairly recently.
Most of these keys are at least a foot long and in most cases are bigger!
I'm guessing they were used for advertising of in some cases are twenty first birthday gifts.
I have had a few more that had glitter glued on to them also. Most of them are made of timber and hand cut and painted with the recipients name and birth date,others are metal.
I am drawn to them and now buy them when I see them.
Did you have a 21st key?
Cheers Lyn.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #45

Hi Everyone,
ceramic balls,these are an accidental collection.
I started with some of different colours I found at an Opp shop and a couple were black and white and I just liked them.
The coloured ones were sold at the shop and the black and white ones just didn't sell (lucky me again).
Then later I came across the old carpet bowls which are the worn ones.
And then a stainless steel ball and a Cane ball just seemed to fit in with the team.
So yet another collection begins.
They sit happily in a basket near the front door and just look nice!
Cheers Lyn.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #44

Hi Everyone,
Bone handled knives and forks.
I just think these knives and forks are just beautiful and would look fabulous on any table.
They are so beautifully made and designed,with such intricate details
The fish serving set in the middle are my favourite with their filigree cut outs .
All of these have come from deceased estates,and have been loved and looked after with a great deal of care by their owners.
I'm really glad to have them in my collection to enjoy and love.
Cheers Lyn.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #43

Hi Everyone,
OK odd collection !
Yes they are all odd bits of EPNS spoons and knives,but each one has really beautiful designs on the handles and some even on on the top of the spoon
Some are really  old with religious crosses and unusual designs and some are new like the tea infuser and the sugar spoon on the right hand side.
I particularly like the knife and spoon at the bottom of the picture which has an unusual green handles and I think they are a type of fish knife set. (Sorry about the photos still practising! )
Have you any favourite cutlery ?
Cheers Lyn

Friday, 2 May 2014

Collection every couple of days# 42

Hi Everyone,
Eiffel Tower,the one building that signifies Paris and all things french.
These little guys are really small and I have lots of them scattered around the house.
I'm attracted to them for several reasons firstly my first name is actually Lynette and was chosen by my father and is a French name.secondly I have a love of all things french,hence the name of my buisness French Vintage and chic.

Thirdly when I did go to Paris when I was 16 I really wanted to go up into the Eiffel Tower but it was closed the day we were there! (Clearly never got over that one!)
My two favourites in this collection are the Victorian coin purse on the bottom left and the tiny brooch on the bottom right.
Such a beautiful city I would love to go back one day.
Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Collection every couple of days #41

Hi Everyone,
Sugar shaker jars, I've never really known what these jars are for as there quite large and have holes in the top and I have always assumed they were for sugar or chocolate.
Some of them are crystal ,some are glass but all have a pretty perforated lid on them.
I just love there shape and variety and are a pretty addition to any table .
They have come to me in the usual way ,opp shops and garage sales but they are another thing on the look out for list.
Do you have some of these jars ,or do you know what there original purpose is?
Cheers Lyn