Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Vintage Caravan update

Hi Everyone ,
This weekend Mr FV&C has been busy getting his van fixed  and working at selling more crap at the market,so Miss Grace and I have been at home doing some more work on the Vintage Caravan
. I had started making curtains when I first got her but never quite found time to finish them off. 
We plan on doing some swap meets and antique fairs so that we can have some family travel time together whilst making some money. 
So I've finished the the curtains and figured out how to fit us all in with comfort and hopefully style.  Next we have to work on some not so fun stuff like broken window replacement and brake lights and a few other non cosmetic things ( I find these things a bit boring but they are unfortunately  necessary )so this whole process has taken around three years without much result but hopefully now it will speed up a bit ! So I figure if your reading my blog your probably interested in the cosmetic things like me!
This is her when I got her

Still working on the cosmetics!
I'm still  looking for a name for her and I've had a few suggestions all of which are lovely but not quite there yet .! I'm open for more ideas ,and I would love to hear what you think!
Cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

At the Vintage shed today

Hi Everyone,
I trotted down to the Vintage Shed today and did a tidy and caught up with a few lovely people. I am still having problems linking  my I pad to my blog as I'm not really technologically minded !
However I did take some photos and posted them on face book. Tomorrow we are off to Waverley Bazaar to take some lovely new things up there and chat to the lovely folk there (clearly lots of chatting going on here ) so I will keep posting until I get it right !!
Cheers Lyn

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Proud mum shows off daughter!

Hi Everyone,
Lots has been happening over the last two months ,I've turned 50 ,Miss grace is now in prep at school and a new stall at Waverley I need to show you her front page debut in the local paper!
That's her in the middle! 
So with all these changes I hope to have more time for blogging Facebook and all the other things in life ,so watch this space !
Cheers Lyn