Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Vintage quilt

Hi Everyone,
So, I was out doing a spot of opp shopping today (as you do)and I came across this amazing quilt.
I quickly snapped it up as I had found not much else to buy, and shoved it in a bag and continued on.
 It wasn't until I had a good look at it when I got home I realised what a treasure I had found.

it covers my queen size bed

The fabrics are beautiful 1940s-1950s fabrics

and its sewn on to a pale yellow bemsilk

best of all its signed and dated
                      I wonder who this lady was and why it was never used as its in pristine condition.
                                               I'm afraid the photos don't do it justice.
                                                      Do you have a quilt with a history?
                                                                          Cheers  Lyn

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Vintage watch parts upcycle

Hi Everyone,
Mr FV& C bought home lots of watch parts from an estate on Friday (along with lots of other great stuff) and asked me what he should do with them,easy lets make some Jewellery said I.
So on Saturday I spent the day creatively giving it a go. I'm really more comfortable with fabric and a sewing machine but always open to new ideas so this is what I did.
Raw material

4 boxes of it

photo watch bands with vintage lace and buckles

pendants and no 2 brooch

intact fobs

engraved watch scrabble watch photo watch

dial rings and necklace
So that was a great way to spend the afternoon, I hope you Like!
Cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A New outfit for Miss Grace

Hi Everyone,
Woke up this morning with some Ideas in my head that needed to get out,and Miss Grace needed some new clothes.
Found a military style jacket the other day and had seen some great ideas that the Ya Ya s have on exhibition at the Vintage Emporium.
 So off I went with the English rose idea, with a little bit of rock and roll.
There was also a beautiful table cloth that had been hanging around with a Chinese willow pattern design in red black and white,but it had a big hole in it which meant it was ripe for up cycling !

                                         As you can see she hates to have her photo taken!
                                                                           Cheers Lyn