Friday, 30 September 2011

New Glen Waverley Bazaar opens Monday 3rd October

Hi Everyone,
The Fabulous New Antique Center Glen Waverley Bazaar opens On Monday 3rd October at 11a Aristoc road Glen Waverley.
Mr FV&C and I with Miss Graces help, have set up our spaces and the look pretty good. I have a selection of Designer and Vintage Clothes and some Industrial furniture and bits and bobs.
We still have plenty more to move in, but we have also set up in Mornington in the old barn behind the Centro center. I'm in four centers now,that should keep me busy and out of trouble.Yes I'm still trying to figure out the photo thing !!!
cheers all Lyn

Saturday, 24 September 2011

New Antique Center opening at Glen Waverly

Hi everyone,
Ive been flat out all week getting stock ready for the New antique, center well two actually (more about that later).
 I have acquired some new coffee sacks which I've made into some fab cushions they have great graphics so check them out at all the centers.
Lots of changes happening with school holidays Ive done some visual Merchandising at Dromana and will be doing some changes at the Vintage shed on Monday.
Ill have some more information on the Glen Waverly Center during this week so Ill keep you Posted.
Cheers Lyn

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Vintage Indoor Market in Rosebud

Hi Folks ,
Yesterday Miss Grace And I went to the vintage Market in Rosebud. I try to go every month dressed to the nines in all my vintage finery however the last two months have been extremely cold raining and miserable.
 It was such a beautiful sunny day that both Miss grace and I went the whole Hog (so to speak).Me in my favorite pink and green 1950s floral skirt, cashmere cardie and matching lippy makeup and shoes.Miss Grace looked gorgeous in her 1950s pink and white stripe dress with tiny rosebuds,pink cardie and pink shoes.
 We had a lovely time. I bought a lovely 1950s dress with a Calypso print, a petti point handbag ,Bakelite clasp handbag and a few other bits and bobs.Miss Gracie received a vintage Noddy toy and she was most happy with that.
If you want to go along to The Vintage Market its on every third Sunday if the month at East bourne Primary school Allambi Ave Rosebud.
So its off to the Vintage Shed on Monday to re stock and tidy after the weekend.
Back to it!
cheers Lyn

Thursday, 15 September 2011

An at home day

My poor little Miss Gracie has been coughing all night so we had to go to the Doctor today,but we did manage to get to the Vintage Shed for a flying visit at lunchtime when Mr F,V&C looked after Miss Grace.
However I did make some Yummy tomato soup home made ,bread rolls, and homemade butter.
So tomorrow I plan to do some creative activity and also get down to The factory Antiques and visit the team down there and possibly get to some thrift shops on the way for more treats!!
I am still trying to figure out the photo thing so sorry about that (there is stax in the phone I want to show you)
So stay tuned more gems of wisdom to come.
 cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Can you tell I am new to this !

Its only taken me four days to figure out how to get in to my blog so I can write to all of you !
 So sorry about that.
Any way in the time in between I have kept busy doing some thrift shops and found several gems including some really cute 1960s bathers with Roses on them, a beautiful Cue 1940s style blazer absolutely stunning.
I will be taking these and more designer pieces to the Vintage shed tomorrow to my stall (by the same name ie- French Vintage and Chic Stall G11).
I have also done a heap of sewing and made some really cool cushions from vintage T towels which Ive taken down to the factory in Dromana.
On a personal note Miss Grace was in her first pre -school concert last night and was a star!!!
Ive also been collecting some more stuff for my vintage caravan and picked up some really nice red handled cuttlery, and once Ive figured out how to put photos from my phone on to here you will be able to see the caravan in all its beauty.
So  I had better get on with dinner .
cheers Lyn

Saturday, 10 September 2011

French Vintage and Chic the first Blog page

Hello everyone out there in blog land.
This is obviously my first blog and I have not actually used a computer properly for at least six years when I was a working girl.
 I'm now a mummy to an active three year old girl called Miss grace.In my spare time (like we all have lots of that!) I run a business Called French Vintage and Chic.
 I currently sell at two antique centers on the Monington Peninsula ,The Vintage Shed and The Factory Antiques.
My shop stocks Vintage and Designer clothes Vintage collectibles and up cycled and recycled bits and bobs.I'm an active crafter and maniac sewer, and once I figure out how to put pictures on here there will be plenty of those.
So stay tuned but please understand i have my L plates on! Cheers Lyn XXX