Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lacy heaven at Tyabb

Hi Everyone ,
Welcome to my One Hundredth post !!!!Well I was excited about it anyway,so I thought I would take some photos at the Vintage Emporium to mark the day!
Lace lampshade and vintage painting

my deco mannequin in her finery

this rack resembles a lot of sewing!

pretty cabinet full of goodies

the lace umbrella

the dress that was photographed for a magazine
More on the photo shoot in later posts!(might be in Frankie here's hoping}enjoy your day!
                                                                   Cheers Lyn

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

catch up post

Hi Everyone ,
Its been a flat out couple of weeks since I last had time to sit down and write a post.
Sorry about that !
However there is some good news,
Mr FV&C and I have had two deceased estates with lots of stock to process and some really nice items that are making there way to both The Vintage Shed and the Glen Waverly Antique centre.
I have also been sick (again!) and its school holidays and therefore we needed some well deserved family Time.
a pretty picture that's a keeper

The barn that was part of the country estate clean out.

Miss Grace,s new kerbside pick up tent.

enjoying the moment at the beach

can't you tell !

Dad crashed in the tent!

So I will take some more photo's of our finds and some of my latest lace creations. Cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

3 little lace cardigans are we!

Hi Everyone,
I managed to make 3 lace cardigans today before life got in the way!
White lace

1930s style

lace details
 back view

a fitted number

with lace back
                                                                              hope you like!
                                                                         more as time allows!
                                                                                 Cheers Lyn

Friday, 7 September 2012

Lace,sewing and things to make me smile

Hi Everybody,
I have been sewing and creating again and have been off in my own little world.
Baby in bed,Mr FV&C watching the football and me in my sewing room just having a nice time listening to  soft music.
20s inspired hat

a beautiful lady

work in progress

a pile of inspiration

pretty roses

apron dress

monogrammed detail

Love this print

lace on lace

Silver and bits
                                                          Have a great weekend !
                                                                   cheers Lyn

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A bit more space at Tyabb

Hi Everyone,
 I was lucky enough to be offered some more space in the next stall at The Vintage shed so I grabbed it with both hands (as you would) and finally got the work bench out of the garage and the pink couch too. Now both are happily sitting in there new home waiting for someone to love them !
The Vintage end with workbench

The ruler table and vintage office chair

Pigeon hole lockers and 1930s wall phone

Suitcases ready to go

1950s cold drinks sign soon to be haberdashery area

T towel arm chair

Pink Victorian couch with green lace throw

The Paris end

fabulous table  I picked up for Mr FV&C now at
The Glen Waverly Centre
Miss Grace at a party with her girlfriends.
Thanks everyone for your comments, they are really appreciated .Sometimes you wonder If anyone is reading your little blog  and it has been great feedback!
                                                                          Cheers Lyn