Sunday, 8 December 2013

so this is christmas...

Hi Everyone,
 On Wednesday I'm heading  off to Western Australia for Christmas with my brother, and a well deserved break.
Its been a hard year and over the last couple of months I have lost a bit of my creativity and I am really looking forward to a battery re charge.
And some constant warm weather!!!
Here's a few photos of recent beach trips when Mornington was sunny.
                                                                    scary selfie
                                                                      the girls
                                                                          a mermaid
So wishing everyone a great silly season and until I get back home ,have fun
Cheers Lyn

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Being a mum

Hi Everyone,
 yes I know Ive been a bit slack in posting, but running a business and being a mum can be a bit hard! I have however been posting quite a bit on face book.
Miss Grace has come on in leaps and bounds and has been having transition days at her new school for next year,so that has taken up a bit of time.
Plus there has been a few medical dramas an I've been out of action a bit,with not much creating going on.
But my stalls at the Vintage shed are full and ready for the Christmas season and my lovely brother has shouted me and Miss Grace a trip to Western Australia to share Christmas with him !Long trip but some good times to come.
                                                                 The girls at the beach
                                                            Garage sale treasures
                                                     Meeting Faeries at emu planes market
                                                                    our beautiful beach boxes
                                                       Some wild life at garage sales
                                                                  fairy all dressed up
                                        So that's a snap shot of life lately hope your all well
                                                                          Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Long time no posts

Hi everyone,
Its been a flat out month here at home with lots of spring cleaning, pricing ,learning new computer programs for business,and keeping my family happy and healthy.
I also haven't taken many photos of things going down to the shop (however there has been lots of goodies)and I haven't done enough sewing to keep me happy and creative (due of course to the other stuff getting in the way).
So I hope during November I will get on to this pleasurable part of my life.
 So don't give up on me but be patient and I will be back to regular blogging soon !
                                                                     Cheers Lyn

Monday, 2 September 2013

Spring is here !

Hi Everyone,
we have had three full days of sunshine!!!! so there has been many outdoor activities windows flung open and happy family activities.This included a trip to Healsville sanctuary and a sunny arvo at the beach yesterday.
                        Miss Grace feeding the parrots (five mins after this was taken it bit her!)
                                                 Dad being Crapman (need I say More)
                                                The Jumping castle at the farmers market
                    Uncle Tom ,Miss Grace and myself sitting in the lovely sunshine at Mornington Beach
An  embroidered doyley skirt I'm testing at the shop
.I made myself one of these back in the early 1980s and wore it to death and figured others may feel the same . I'm also in the middle of making 10 elephant heads for Miss Graces school concert ,more on that Later.
So I hope all is well wherever you are, and If your in sunny Melbourne Enjoy our glorious weather cos as we all know its gonna rain again soon!
Cheers Lyn

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lace and other things

Hi Everyone,been doing this and that but mainly just trying to get through winter!
I'm so over being cold and feeling like a mushroom .
Oh for some sunny days and warm weather!but I digress.. There has been sewing  seeing friends and getting my stalls ready for the summer months.
Here's some pics.
1920s style Lace number

 With its matching Jacket
Linen and Lace dress

Cute Lacy vest

Pretty summer dress

another lacy vest

My pretty stall

The Moroccan day bed

T towel cushions and suitcases

                                     So that's about it for the moment hope you like!
                                                              Cheers Lyn

Monday, 12 August 2013

My 1950s Vintage Caravan

Hi Everybody,
I have a place to go to be quiet,Miss Grace to play house and a summer evening place. Its not quite where I want it to be (it's in the front Yard) but Its a good place to dream.
                                                 She has a little deck for sitting in the sun
                                                                   A pretty kitchen
                                                                     All the mod cons
                                                         And some not so modern
                                                      Lots of vintage aprons and table cloths
                                                          Some future dreams of the past
                                                                  Bright 1950s colour
                                                                         And spice
                                                                  All the kitchen needs
                                                                  Pretty pot holders
                                                     And a reminder to keep it real
                                                       So she sits waiting for summer!
                                                                        Cheers Lyn

Saturday, 10 August 2013

sewing not sleeping

Hi Everyone,
There's been lots happening in my nearest and dearest lives and I've been a busy girl helping everyone out and neglecting my own sewing needs (not to mention the housework). however I had a chance today to get some sewing and other creative pursuits back on track.
                           There's nothing like a few Linen T towel cushions to get me on track
                                   and a few more(really like the London underground one!)
                                        OK I ran out of cushion inserts but the colours are great
                                       There's always a Lacy number waiting to come out
                                                        and a pretty little floral dress
                                                               Long line lacy vest
                                         And now for something different ! mixed media collage
                                  Old napkin,photos vintage lace and all manner of bits
                                                            All turned out OK I thought!
                                     so that's about it for today I had better start cooking dinner!
                                                                         Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 1 August 2013

A little Turkish delight Up-cycle

Hi Everyone,
 We have had a four poster double bed with a canopy hanging around at home for quite a while and I've been wondering what to do with it, I was going to keep it for Miss Grace for her bedroom.
However we live in a small house and she doesn't  really have enough room for it.
So I thought what a perfect up-cycle project for a Day bed and then it started getting a little out of hand and ended up being well, a ...Turkish delight!
                                                                      The basic
                                                            Miss Graces photo opp
                                                                   The Finished product
So Its going to make its debut on Saturday night at my friend Johns 40th Birthday party and then it will make its way to The Vintage Shed next week to find a new home!
                                                                          Cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sewing in the Winter sun

Hi Everybody,
It's been a lovely day here in Melbourne,sun shining and not to cold ,so I dropped my car off for a service and spent the day sewing and teaching my girlfriend Miss Kylie how to sew cushions,while our kids played out in the's today's projects.
A selection of T towel cushions

Some lacy numbers

A Velvet pouffe for Miss Kylie's Moroccan party
So hope all's well in your world!
Cheers Lyn