Monday, 30 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #100

I made it! 100 hundred collections!
Today lets talk about a collection of inspiration .

 These lady's who are the authors of the above books have helped me along the way when I was lacking inspiration.
And in the bookcase above there's more folk who inspire me .I do love to browse the net and Pinterest in particular but there is nothing like a book to really get the creative juices flowing.
If I can't afford to buy them there is always our local library which has a great selection and of course opp shops.
Do you have a creative drive if so what inspires you?
Cheers Lyn

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #99

Hi Everyone,
Vintage scarves.
These are just a few of the scarves I have at home and also in the shops.I choose them for their colours designs and textures.
Some of this little booty are classics like the hunting scene on the top left one of those designs you could wear with your cashmere cardigan and tweed skirt for that classic country house look
Or the pretty pink one on the top right with a wonderful silk tourist design, another classic.spots poodles flowers all pretty examples of the scarf makers talent.
Have you got scarves that you love?
Cheers Lyn.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #98

Hi everyone,
Indian fabric printing blocks.
These all came from another dealer who was selling them in her stall and I just loved them at first sight hand carved with intricate detail.
After a little research I found they were from India and were used to print saris and cotton textiles.
India is famous for its beautiful fabrics and particularly Saris,and I love having a piece of their textile  industries history.
Maybe one day I will have a go at printing them myself!
Cheers Lyn.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Collection every couple of days#97

Hi everyone,
Clock faces,
My Michael picked these and 3 more boxes from an estate of a watch maker. We did package and sell a lot of the watch parts and some of the faces, but I just couldn't part with these faces.
I love the graphics on them and wonder how many of these had interesting lives with there previous owners.I plan to up cycle them into something I'm just not shore yet what!
But I will keep you posted.
Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #96

Hi everyone,
We have nearly reached one hundred posts on a collection a day, should I keep going or stop at 100?
Feed back would be great here people!
I've enjoyed doing this but wondered if your enjoying it?
So here's today's post
Cardboard boxes.
I love these boxes and over time I have worked in all these places.however these boxes were made well before I was born.
Before the invention of evil plastic bags everything was packaged in paper bags or cardboard boxes
And ties with a string in many cases.
Clothing and hats were warped in tissue paper and packaged like presents.
It doesn't feel the same with a plastic bag!
Cheers Lyn

Collection every couple of days#95

Hi everyone,
Children's patterns
Kids patterns in the 1950s were often just a smaller version of adult we move into the 1960s they became more child friendly and easier for kids to play in.
With the invention of nylon and polyester blends children dressed up just to look cute became less prevalent .
Parents still love there children to look cute and with the modern fabrics they are able to play as well!
I have a few vintage dresses that I have kept for grace to get dressed up in but sadly she still loves her track suit pants.
Cheers Lyn

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #94

Hi everyone,
Paper dolls,yep I love them .
Most of the collection I have are reproductions in books however quite recently I picked up 3 packets from the 1940s-50s
These have been collected at garage sales and Opp shops and a few have been bought for me by my husband!
Above are the  1940s-50s paper dolls all with fabulous wardrobes.
I remember being sick as a child and my mother always bought me paper dolls to play with as they were easier to play with in bed.
Do you have a childhood memory of paper dolls.
Cheers Lyn

Monday, 23 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #93

Hi Everyone,
OK ,some more patterns ,these are late 1950s to early 60s patterns you can see changes in the designs as they are more simple in style .In a lot of cases more fitted designs like the wiggle dress! And as we move into the 1960s styles  the silhouette becomes looser and more boxy in shape.
This is of course until the hippy styles come in by the mid 1960s a nod fashion changes once again.
I'm not a big 1960s fan as that's when I was born I prefer the more feminine styles of the 1950s.
What period do you like?
Cheers Lyn.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #92

Hi Everyone,
Early 1950s patterns,fashion didn't necessarily stick to to exact decades with these patterns you can see the influence of the 1940s design mixing with  Dior's New look of more luxurious designs.
Fuller skirts and the classic  50s silhouette has come through.
The uniform designs of the 40s has gone with women embracing the hour glass figure. I'm a big 1950s fan and I'm shore I was born ten years too late!
Cheers Lyn

Collection every couple of days #91

Hi Everyone,
Lingerie packaging.
I've been collecting these pretty boxes for years and have occasionally sold the lot and started again.
They do come to me in the usual way, garage sales ,estates and opp shops.
The women in the graphics are so serene and beautiful and they sit happily in my sewing room and make me feel quite calm.
Cheers Lyn

Friday, 20 June 2014

Collection every couple of days#90

Hi everyone,
1940s patterns, I love to sew as you probably know by now and I have been collecting patterns for a very long time.
This collection is of 1940s patterns and the beginning of a couple of pattern posts.
The fashions in the 1940s were for a very uniform like silloette due to the shortage of fabrics as most nations were concentrating on the war effort.
Much of the fashion concentrated on hats and hairstyles as these were quite lavish.
Are you a 40s girl?
Cheers Lyn

Small break in transmission!

Hi everyone,
I hope your enjoying a collection every couple of days.
I'm trying to make it as diverse and interesting as I possibly can and there will be more to come!
I'm also thinking about opening an Etsy shop (French vintage and chic) to showcase some of my hand made goodies as seen in previous posts (and some still on the workbench),as well as some of my vintage treasures.
As we all know I am a slow learner when it comes to anything computer related (it took me 4blog posts to work out how to add photos to my blog!)
So stay tuned to this channel!
And let's see what happens!
Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #89

Hi everyone,
Here is some nice 1950s designs on bark cloth I remember as a child my brother had the car design on his bedroom curtains and I was thrilled to find it in an opp shop .
On the top right is a quirky little print of 1950s -1960s  girls watering their gardens.
The other two are nice sedate 1950s designs a classic in the atomic home.
I do love my fabrics and its great to share them with you.
Cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Collection every couple of days#88

Hi everyone,
This is a slightly strange collection and I don't quite know why I have kept them .they are wedding telegrams.
These have been clearly kept as a memories of the big day.
I have no connection with these people but its nice to live the dream with them.
In our modern world today there would be a phone call or an email and nothing you can hold on to and cherish .
Cheers Lyn

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #87

Hi everyone,
Floral bark cloth I find that florals are the prettiest and the most evocative of the 1950s woman .
These designs were the mainstay of most rooms in the house and the preferred choices .
I have used many of these floral designs over the years for clothing, cushions,patchwork curtains, baby bonnets you name it !
Because of there age they are soft and faded over time and a lot fit into the shabby chic category.
Am I they only one out there slightly obsessed with fabric?
Cheers Lyn.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #86

Hi everyone,
House numbers ,most of these beauties have been picked up on hard rubbish . I have had quite a lot of them over the years including numbers for shops I've had and houses I've lived in.
I really Locke the old fashion fonts that were used and that people took pride in there homes.
Is your home a number or a name?
Cheers Lyn

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Collection every couple of days#85

Hi everyone,
Yet another accidental collection most estates have a sewing box particularly little old lady's homes,and me being a sewer ,well I'm just attracted to them plus I love the great colours.
I've embellished a couple of pieces of furniture with them among other things and clearly they get used to measure things with !(see October 2011posts for some examples)
Cheers Lyn

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Collection every couple of days#84

Hi Everyone,
This is another accidental collection they just started to turn up at estates and I just kept them!
I have made a couple of things with them and covered a table in them.(see post from July 2012 for actual table and I think it was put on Pinterest too!)

So I still use them for upcycle projects when the mood strikes !
Then again maybe leaving them in a dark Cuboard makes them breed!
Cheers Lyn

Friday, 13 June 2014

Collection every couple of days#83

Hi everyone,
Vintage cards.
I've found most of these at deseased estates and were clearly kept because they ment something to the owner.
Back when these were written people would send notes and cards for every occasion ,birthdays engagements ,marriages and of course death.
Some of these have been unused but many( the ones that are the most interesting) have been written on.They have lovely pictures and sentiments and remind me of a more friendly time.
Have you kept your cards?
Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Collection every couple of days#82

Hi Everyone,
Classic 1950s design bark cloth
These are great examples of colour and design from the 50s period .
these have been collected from various estates and my particular favourite is the harlequin design on the bottom right I believe that is possibly a little earlier maybe late 1940s .

Mostly bark cloth was used for curtains and soft furnishings and made a colourful addition to the home.
Most of my collection is various sizes and I use them in craft projects  and for patchwork depending on the size and condition.
Cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Collection every couple of days#81

Hi Everyone,
Wooden scrabble,I've got a few of these both in wood and plastic tiles over the years I have made rings a scrabble topped table and taught my daughter her letters .
I remember playing scrabble with my family and I wasn't to good at it but it was a great learning tool.
I've seen many other crafty types make some fabulous hings with them and we find them at a lot of estates and garage sales and I've never manages to make a triple word score with them !
Have you?
Cheers Lyn.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Collection every couple of days#80

Hi Everyone,
Bark cloth,as most of you know I love to sew and I have quite a large collection of fabrics but I definitely have a soft spot for 1950s bark cloth .
So I have quite a few that I will post over the next couple of weeks I will occasionally show you some of the different designs.
This little bunch here is of an animal theme.Top right is quite a fragile piece but is an African animal pattern. Two lots of horses top left and bottom right.Lastly the Beatles yellow submarine cloth I've used quite a lot of this fabric and there is only a small piece left.
So I'm certain I'm not the only person that has a fabric stash!
Cheers Lyn

Monday, 9 June 2014

Collection every couple of days#79

Hi Everyone,
Old house names.
We come across these in our travels from time to time and I can't seem to let go of them.the first one I found was on a house in Sandringham that was being pulled down and it had the most beautiful patina the copper had gone a lovely green and I've had it now for over thirty years.
The other two were from garage sales and are just as pretty in there own way .
There has been many more over the years and they have been sold to people who want to name their house.
Does your house have a name ?
Cheers Lyn.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #78

Hi Everyone,
Vintage train tickets.
These have come from four different estates and were all kept by the owners because of a special reason .
I don't know what the reason was but I would like to imagine that it was for a lovely day out with the family.
Maybe a ticket to visit a friend for the last time.
A special birthday celebration or a day at the races.
These tickets are from at least 40 years ago and are never seen any more and I guess would be collected by some.
Can you think of a great train trip?
Cheers Lyn

Friday, 6 June 2014

Collection every couple of days#77

Hi everyone,
Buttons on cards.
I use buttons most days when repairing vintage clothing that I sell,but the ones on cards like this I keep.
Most of these have come from estates opp shops and markets and I do snap them up when I see them
This bunch have quite cute graphics but are in sad condition a few of the others that I have I couldn't find when I wanted to photograph them and others are framed on the sewing room wall.
Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #76

Hi Everyone,
Truth be known I was a brownie and a guide at one stage of my life,however this collection did not come from my illustrious career in that area ( I only got one badge a home maker badge ).

So clearly I've always lusted for a big collection of them as I never had one!
So this box has been picked up over years of estates ,garage sales and opp shops.
I have plans to cover something like a jacket in them if I was ever incapacitated for a week or two.
We're you ever in the scouts,guides,rovers or a brownie?
Cheers Lyn

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Collection every couple of days#75

Hi Everyone,
does two constitute a collection?
I think so.
So I'm guessing most people know this book Rubaiyat of  Omar Khayyam (clearly spell check doesn't like this).
Yes it's a classic and I look for vintage copy's with great graphics which I like.
Do you have a copy?
Cheers Lyn

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #74

Hi Everyone,
Vintage hand made gifts don't you just love things that are hand made particularly vintage things.

This little collection is from many estates and were all carefully wrapt or boxed witch makes me think they were gifts to be given or gifts received .
Pretty blue garters, hand crocheted compact cover,shoe lasts pretty lace collar and a blue bag that I can't figure out what it's for!
Just pretty things to complement other collections.
Cheers Lyn.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #73

Hi Everyone,
This collection came in one box and this is it .
I picked it up from a garage sale a couple of years ago and paid a fair bit of money for it too,but seriously it's fabulous!

If you haven't figured it out yet its a Vintage optometrist kit complete with all of its parts ,lenses of different sizes and strengths and all the glasses to put them in .
So I've decides after hanging on to it for quite a while that its time to sell it,so it will make its way to the Vintage Shed on Thursday.
Sob sob
Cheers Lyn

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Collection every couple of days #72

Hi Everyone,
How do I describe this little collection,mystic and religion?
These fortune telling sticks were found at a deceased estate many years go and I loved them immediately they are very old and I assume probably from the 1920s or before maybe even Victorian.
They were imported by the Myers Emporium and are great fun to play with.the other two pamphlets are of a religious nature and are beautifully written and have fantastic graphics.
I suppose strange things to keep ,but I like them.
Cheers Lyn