Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lots of Washing,repairs and cleaning

Hi everyone,
 Mr FV&C Spent two days away this week in the country at a deceased estate where he picked up a swag of goodies for his stall and some vintage and lacy lovelies for me.
Great you say ,so did I initially I was really excited imagining all sorts of pristine 1950s and Victorian clothing ready for me to pass on to those who will love it !
Yes they are lovely but the have all been stored in a barn so they were all dirty smelly and in need of repair! so I will be spending the next week doing all of the above.
Such is the life I lead.
Nappysan is my best friend!

But wait there's more!
 The good news is there is some really beautiful pieces and i will photograph them after they are washed and ironed.and will be for sale in the next week at the vintage shed and glen Waverley bazaar.
 In a more pleasant note Miss Grace and I went to see Dora and Bob at our local shopping centre.
A good time was had by all Particularly Miss Grace. Cheers Lyn

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sewing, painting .making stuff and Photos

Hi Everyone,
Managed to get some work done in the last day or so and came across some pony ribbons and made some great cushions among other things !
Pony cushions

Great felt to work with

England love

Retro girls

Paris chic

Pretty velvet

Pretty throw 

Close up of the ruler table

In my stall finished table

My French stall


Flower salt and pepper shakers

Love this chair
So back to sewing and painting and making things! All these Items will be for sale on Thursday at the Vintage shed and The Glen Waverley Bazaar
Cheers Lyn

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Friday Glen Waverley and Sunday Red Hill

Hi everyone,
All over Melbourne this week and managed to take some photos Too. First Friday!
Glen WaverleySuburban Vintage Style

our Maiden Aunts ,Mandy and Christie

And their Eclectic style

Tangerine vintage cool

Love this couch

Graces first soft serve

Sunday Red hill Vintage and Antique Fair

Zhushs Nikki Ellis Quirky styles

LOVED the men's tie lamp shade

Vintage photos

Flinders  ocean View

A good day had by all, Uncle Tom and Miss Grace
Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fun at the fair and country mouse goes to the big city

Hi Everyone,Had a big day in the city setting up our stall for the Odd Vintage market in Abbotsford and as you do have a look around my favourite city Melbourne.I don't really get in to town very often and felt like country mouse in the big city,I need to get out more often obviously.
Our stall from the Vintage Emporium

Megs jewellery and pretty lace

Hats bags and Vintage lovelies

Trish Hunter without caravan but lots of great stuff

Tamara setting up Shabby Vintage Junk

Vintage colour
 After we had finished our set up and had a chat we headed over to Abbottsford Convent Where we had some YUMMY Vegan Lunch at Lentil as anything witch is an amazing place with a pay it forward philosophy.
Lots to look at 

Buffet style lunch

Donation box

Beautiful Gardens

Lovely buildings
Then we headed off to Smith street for coffee and Vintage shopping, so a great day was had by all!
Cheers Lyn

Monday, 16 July 2012

Things that are happening and New Photos

Hi Everybody,
Lots of things happening this week both on the Peninsular and in town.

First starting this Friday 1-7 is The odd Vintage wears market at Collingwood masonic temple ,141 Gipps Street In Abbotsford its a two day event with lots of your favourite dealers from both the vintage shed and Glen Waverley with all sorts of fantastic stuff including some great vintage clothing.

On Sunday The Red Hill Vintage and Antique Fair combined with the farmers market is located at the consolidated school hall from 8-2 an is the first of hopefully many once a month events at Red Hill

So both at different ends of Melbourne but while your in town head over to Glen Waverley for a vintage fix after the fair and on Sunday its a short drive to the Vintage shed in Tyabb for another fix . A fun packed weekend all round.I know I will be hitting both without fail.
Here's some pics
Fab Vintage mag's

Beautiful soft toys

Mini gardens

In fun containers

Vintage girls American stock

Always drawn to red and green

The stall looks great!

Apprentice miniature

Black and white

Megs snuggly warm hot water bottle covers

A string of watering cans

Shabby vintage Junk

Vintage influence's beautiful displays 
So get set for a fun packed weekend at any or all of these venues.
Cheers Lyn