Thursday, 30 August 2012

Flour sacks, bunting and hair cuts

Hi Everyone,
Its been a busy week on the home front, with Mr F,V&C doing an estate over the other side of the city.
 lots of Miss Graces Little friends are having birthday parties and I have another new stall space to fill at The Vintage Shed.
However I have managed to make a few things!
Flour sack cushions

on site

set up, more to come tomorrow

Vintage French fabric bunting

That leopard sofa

mixed bunch

Vintage girls

Tamara's clocks


Megs birds nest

and spring tribute

My chooks

I love this stool would look great in my caravan

Fabric stash

newly cut Miss Gracie.
Rain continues on and off and I long for spring!
Cheers Lyn

Friday, 24 August 2012

A few changes and some photos

Hi Everyone,
We went to Glen Waverley as promised today and set up my vintage linen and lace space.
It looks quite good (even if I say so myself) and of course spent lots of money and took some photos.
The Linen and Lace space

The vintage lace umbrella

Up to 50% OFF Designer

Vintage Influence

Love these pillows

Suburban vintages red style (go Kelly)

Septembre vintage

Kens eclectic mix

Tamara's shabby vintage Junk
So off to find more goodies and head down to The Vintage Shed to catch up with the girls.
Cheers Lyn

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Linen and Lace for Glen Waverley

Hi Everyone,
I've made some special Linen and Lace pieces for my Glen Waverley stall which I will be setting up tomorrow with the now famous lace umbrella here's a few preview pics.
The halter neck lace smock

pocket detail

pretty neckline

back detail

lace waistcoat

back detail

lace edged cardie

lace skirt detail

front tie cotton top

tie front cotton top and linen skirt
Sorry about the dark photos I do try and take my photos in the garden but after such a beautiful day it decided to storm and hail! don't you just love Melbourne weather!
so I will be at Glen Waverley  tomorrow between 10 ish and 1 ish so stop by and  say hello!
                                                    Cheers Lyn

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

But wait, there's more Linen & Lace

Hi Everyone,
A beautiful day in Melbourne sun shining ,sky blue .So I was sewing again! But can't complain got out to take some photos ant sit by the vintage caravan and have a coffee with Uncle Tom.
Here's the proof of my Labours
Linen and lace cardie

Linen and lace skirt

back view

Linen summer smock

Lacy scarf
 I also found a nice selection of Jewelry this week
Vintage green carved necklace

Pretty green and pearl brooch

Pink and green cherry brooch

Egyptian and Moroccan earrings

Beautiful Bakelite

And a smile from Miss Grace!
These Items Will be for sale at The vintage Shed on Thursday and some at Glen Waverley on Friday. With the exception of Miss Grace who is Priceless and definitely not for sale!
Cheers Lyn

Monday, 20 August 2012

More linen and lace

Hi Everyone ,
Yes I've been sewing again and working through my stash of linens and lace and making some quite nice items of clothing .
I have quite a large stash of laces {some in my life say too much}in order to get in to my sewing room and be able to sew without stepping over boxes of stuff I must use these things or sell them {bit of both}.
However the Estate that the last lot of lace came from is on again and I will have to make room for more to come in and wash and save many more pieces. such is life! So without further ado  here's some photos .
Lacy sleeveless vest

Full lace panel at back

Linen jacket

Lace detail on back

Pretty pocket

Tabard top

With lace skirt underneath

Pandora the 18yearold cat watching the procedure.

Hope you like, off to do some paperwork and take these things to Glen Waverley and The Vintage Emporium.                                                  Cheers all Lyn