Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Collection every couple of days #27

Hi Everyone,
The truth be known, I really love brooches,I'm not a big jewellery wearer,and I hate having things around my neck!

These are an Australian maker by the name of Erstwilder based on The French Lea stein brooches they add a bit of brightness to any outfit vintage or contemporary.I keep my my eyes open for them at all the usual places and have found a few at the Waverley Bazaar at fairly reasonable prices.
Are you a brooch wearer?
Cheers Lyn .


  1. Can I contact you regarding these brooches? Will you swap or sell?

    1. Hi mr Darcy,I do love my Brooches but am willing to discuss! Cheers Lyn

    2. Let me know how I can contact you so we can discuss it. I was looking at the black cat and the curled up red one. Thanks :)