Saturday, 10 September 2011

French Vintage and Chic the first Blog page

Hello everyone out there in blog land.
This is obviously my first blog and I have not actually used a computer properly for at least six years when I was a working girl.
 I'm now a mummy to an active three year old girl called Miss grace.In my spare time (like we all have lots of that!) I run a business Called French Vintage and Chic.
 I currently sell at two antique centers on the Monington Peninsula ,The Vintage Shed and The Factory Antiques.
My shop stocks Vintage and Designer clothes Vintage collectibles and up cycled and recycled bits and bobs.I'm an active crafter and maniac sewer, and once I figure out how to put pictures on here there will be plenty of those.
So stay tuned but please understand i have my L plates on! Cheers Lyn XXX

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