Monday, 28 May 2012

New Stall Space at The Vintage Shed

Hi Everyone,
Spent a productive day at the Vintage shed setting up my new stall space. Unfortunately I only have the space for a month  as the Vintage Girls are expecting a shipment from the USA. Jodie the owner of the shed is looking for another space for me so I can keep extra space for new and exciting stuff !so here's a look at what I've done.
French Vintage

Minty green pretty's

Hankies and pretty ladies

Beautiful 1950s cabinet

Lace, chenilles and quilts

Fainting couch

Industrial love

New T towel cushions

World globes

Medicine cabinet

bowls and bowls

Memory jars
So there will be new and exciting things coming in on Thursday, because I could not fit everything into the car today. Hope you like!
                                                              cheers Lyn

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