Monday, 28 April 2014

Collection every couple of days#38

Hi Everyone,
Teddy bears. No I don't collect teddy bears!
I don't even like soft toys!
 However my partner Michael loves teddy bears. The fellow on the right is his childhood bear given to him by his sister his name is Nelson.
He  has a 1970s paw repairs and a knitted vest and is very much loved.
The other two chaps are estate and opp shop finds,but are loved just the same.
Our daughter Miss Grace takes them on picnics occasionally and chats to them often,I think I may be softening towards them also.
Do you have a teddy you still love?
Cheers Lyn


  1. I love bears! These guys are wonderful examples, repairs and all (gives them extra character I think,,,,,,,,,,) :)

  2. Thanks Art I agree about the repairs definite character !