Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lots of Washing,repairs and cleaning

Hi everyone,
 Mr FV&C Spent two days away this week in the country at a deceased estate where he picked up a swag of goodies for his stall and some vintage and lacy lovelies for me.
Great you say ,so did I initially I was really excited imagining all sorts of pristine 1950s and Victorian clothing ready for me to pass on to those who will love it !
Yes they are lovely but the have all been stored in a barn so they were all dirty smelly and in need of repair! so I will be spending the next week doing all of the above.
Such is the life I lead.
Nappysan is my best friend!

But wait there's more!
 The good news is there is some really beautiful pieces and i will photograph them after they are washed and ironed.and will be for sale in the next week at the vintage shed and glen Waverley bazaar.
 In a more pleasant note Miss Grace and I went to see Dora and Bob at our local shopping centre.
A good time was had by all Particularly Miss Grace. Cheers Lyn

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  1. Hey Lyn....GLAD to see you haven't been idle....hahahaha....Grace looks ADORABLE in her little coat & beanie....!!

    See you soon,
    Tamarah :o)