Friday, 18 April 2014

Collection every couple of days # 29

Hi everyone,

Ok more brooches, sorry about that,but I do love them ,this lot is a collection of old and new from many and varied places.
Top left the butterfly is an actual Lea stein bought back from France by my friends Phil and Heidy,the cat is an Erstweilder, third brooch is made by my friend Megan from Emgee who has made this one from vintage cutlery.
The croc is from an estate and was nearly thrown away till I gave it a clean and found it was silver!
The next one is an American timber bear,from an opp shop.
Then some modern repro birds,that had a previous life as a headband which I added a pin ar the back.
Then a Bakelite silhouette picture frame that I added a pin to (I do that a lot clearly).
Next is a green Bakelite brooch found at a market.
And last but not least,a modern lobster brooch .
A bit of an eclectic mix.
Cheers Lyn


  1. I stumbled across this blog and I was wondering if you sell any of your brooches? If so how can I contact you? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Mr Darcy, I have stalls at Waverly Bazaar, the Vintage Shed,the Vintage Emporium and Quirky Collections in mornington you can find me at any of these places most days ,however I live in mornington and can get to quirky collections the fatest! What are you interested in particular?

  2. I am in Sydney so I can't pop down, although I would love to. I love erstwilder and would like to look at purchasing the cats. Please let me know the best way to contact you.

  3. Mr Darcy,you can email me at and I'm certain we can figure something out Cheers Lyn