Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mornington Cup,general catch up post and Life as it is Today !

Hi Everybody,
So after that Title you would expect something interesting ! Stuck at home as the cars ignition thingy has to be replaced.
Its a beautiful day outside and I would have loved to take grace down to the beach (she is home due to a teachers strike) but alas not to be!
On the good side of things I've managed to price a heap of stock to take down to the Vintage shed tomorrow, and I can see most of the floor in the house now!
I'm also participating in Lite and easy because I'm neither and want to change that (the lite part anyway).
Yesterday was the Mornington Cup and several of us attended in our finery and had a lovely time in the beehive Marquee ,and finished the day with my closest friends and family at the Dava for dinner and watched the sun set!
 Lite and easy lunch today
Poor bored Grace

Megs ,Vanessa and Miss Andrea

Trying to take a photo of my hair

the girls in the Beehive did lots of makeovers

sunset at the Dava
                                              So not a terribly exciting post but there it is!
                                                                            Cheers Lyn

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