Saturday, 10 August 2013

sewing not sleeping

Hi Everyone,
There's been lots happening in my nearest and dearest lives and I've been a busy girl helping everyone out and neglecting my own sewing needs (not to mention the housework). however I had a chance today to get some sewing and other creative pursuits back on track.
                           There's nothing like a few Linen T towel cushions to get me on track
                                   and a few more(really like the London underground one!)
                                        OK I ran out of cushion inserts but the colours are great
                                       There's always a Lacy number waiting to come out
                                                        and a pretty little floral dress
                                                               Long line lacy vest
                                         And now for something different ! mixed media collage
                                  Old napkin,photos vintage lace and all manner of bits
                                                            All turned out OK I thought!
                                     so that's about it for today I had better start cooking dinner!
                                                                         Cheers Lyn

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