Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Vintage Indoor Market in Rosebud

Hi Folks ,
Yesterday Miss Grace And I went to the vintage Market in Rosebud. I try to go every month dressed to the nines in all my vintage finery however the last two months have been extremely cold raining and miserable.
 It was such a beautiful sunny day that both Miss grace and I went the whole Hog (so to speak).Me in my favorite pink and green 1950s floral skirt, cashmere cardie and matching lippy makeup and shoes.Miss Grace looked gorgeous in her 1950s pink and white stripe dress with tiny rosebuds,pink cardie and pink shoes.
 We had a lovely time. I bought a lovely 1950s dress with a Calypso print, a petti point handbag ,Bakelite clasp handbag and a few other bits and bobs.Miss Gracie received a vintage Noddy toy and she was most happy with that.
If you want to go along to The Vintage Market its on every third Sunday if the month at East bourne Primary school Allambi Ave Rosebud.
So its off to the Vintage Shed on Monday to re stock and tidy after the weekend.
Back to it!
cheers Lyn

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