Thursday, 30 August 2012

Flour sacks, bunting and hair cuts

Hi Everyone,
Its been a busy week on the home front, with Mr F,V&C doing an estate over the other side of the city.
 lots of Miss Graces Little friends are having birthday parties and I have another new stall space to fill at The Vintage Shed.
However I have managed to make a few things!
Flour sack cushions

on site

set up, more to come tomorrow

Vintage French fabric bunting

That leopard sofa

mixed bunch

Vintage girls

Tamara's clocks


Megs birds nest

and spring tribute

My chooks

I love this stool would look great in my caravan

Fabric stash

newly cut Miss Gracie.
Rain continues on and off and I long for spring!
Cheers Lyn


  1. Lyn

    The flour sack cushions are GORGEOUS...You are so clever and I must get down to Tyabb to see all the treasures soon !!! XXX

    1. Would love to see you at tyabb, Im a great admirer of your work too ! Lyn

  2. Lovely cushions Lyn and great pictures ;), thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Hello Lyn, lovely to chat with you yesterday! xx