Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Can you tell I am new to this !

Its only taken me four days to figure out how to get in to my blog so I can write to all of you !
 So sorry about that.
Any way in the time in between I have kept busy doing some thrift shops and found several gems including some really cute 1960s bathers with Roses on them, a beautiful Cue 1940s style blazer absolutely stunning.
I will be taking these and more designer pieces to the Vintage shed tomorrow to my stall (by the same name ie- French Vintage and Chic Stall G11).
I have also done a heap of sewing and made some really cool cushions from vintage T towels which Ive taken down to the factory in Dromana.
On a personal note Miss Grace was in her first pre -school concert last night and was a star!!!
Ive also been collecting some more stuff for my vintage caravan and picked up some really nice red handled cuttlery, and once Ive figured out how to put photos from my phone on to here you will be able to see the caravan in all its beauty.
So  I had better get on with dinner .
cheers Lyn

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