Monday, 12 November 2012

making stuff and spring cleaning

Hi Everyone,
We have had a bit of sunshine of late and I have not wanted to spend to much time on the computer!!
However I have been in the sewing room sewing and doing a spring clean out.
Lots of bags have been going to all the local charity shops as I plow through all the things that I have no inspiration for, or I am just over!This leaves me with lots of things I have forgotten about and more projects to be finish!oh well here's some of the latest finished projects.
Pretty necklaces out of found bits and pieces

Vintage roses on hats and bags

knit and lace

knit and lace

lacy sun dress

asymmetrical linen and lace coat

                               So back to it ! filling my stalls for the silly season .
                                                                    Cheers all Lyn

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