Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year Greetings

Hi everyone,
Hope you have all recovered from the overindulges of Xmas and new years eve.
 To start the new year my friend Tom and I have been collaborating on some new ideas,and hope over the next few months we will bring you some inspired furniture pieces. I will try and do some tutorials on some of them. Here's one we prepared earlier !
 Memo,blackboard hey holder with some Vintage advertising bits, turned our quite well.
                                          I think this fills that recycle need we both have.
                                         Mr FV&c is now coming round to the idea too!
So Miss Grace is also on holidays at the moment and we have been trying to keep her active and occupied whilst working at the same time.
 This has been a bit of a challenge and the ducks in the local park have been visited a lot in the last week and are very well fed and know us now. They have bought there ducklings with them much to graces delight.
 We also obtained a vintage Elna sewing machine in child size from the Glen Waverley centre.
I was absolutely thrilled at this as it was the 1950s child's version of my mums sewing machine that I learnt to sew on when I was Little girl.
I remember making my dolls clothes and clothes for myself and spending every spare moment just making things.{not much really changed there}
I hope she enjoys sewing as much as I do. But at 3 and a bit the attention span is a little short .[sigh]
Cheers all Lyn

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