Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Post Office Counter

Hi everyone,

This fabulous counter has been residing in our shed for six months waiting for the right time to be repaired.Today was that day!

So here's Jack and Mr FV&C oiling the top of the counter.

Beautiful time worn teller drawers with 4 turned wooden bowls.

Sliding timber drawers reveal 10-12 document compartments
                                                              Pigeon holes and two large storage areas 4 at each end.

However moving it was quite difficult involving a large tandem trailer 3-4 people and a van. [ Lots of rope and slow driving indicated here]

So finally after much grunting and groaning and grace wanting to help, its now in situ.sitting majestically at Second hand heaven.
                                                             Gordon Street Mornington.

Its the best one Ive ever seen.

and works in nicely with the other old wares.

1940s graffiti in drawer.

 It originally came from werribee post office.
Statistics- Length 333cm, depth 106cm ,Height 107cm.
Perfect for a shop counter, or in that little nook under the stairs.
So go have a  look before it goes.
Cheers Lyn.

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