Saturday, 18 February 2012

Glen Waverley new snapshots

Hi everyone,
Spent some time on Friday at Glen Waverley redoing my stall, and adding some new stock. There's Lots of new stall holders and much new and interesting stuff to look at.
Mr Fv&c has taken some more space in the new area so we did some merchandising there.
Miss Grace was most hepful in her way.
We also spent some time looking at the new stalls so here's some photos.{warning lots of photos}
My old wares.

French Vintage and Chic boutique

Yummy old wares

Septembre style

Septembre fabulous drawers

Guys poodle

Some beautiful tapestries I want to make into cushions

Cute retro prints

1950s TV

Mr Fv&Cs new space in the freezer.

To die for outdoor setting

Kens funky mix
So I will be back next Friday with some new stock   and new photos  Enjoy
Cheers Lyn
Visit us at 11a Aristoc rd Glen Waverley.

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