Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A bit more space at Tyabb

Hi Everyone,
 I was lucky enough to be offered some more space in the next stall at The Vintage shed so I grabbed it with both hands (as you would) and finally got the work bench out of the garage and the pink couch too. Now both are happily sitting in there new home waiting for someone to love them !
The Vintage end with workbench

The ruler table and vintage office chair

Pigeon hole lockers and 1930s wall phone

Suitcases ready to go

1950s cold drinks sign soon to be haberdashery area

T towel arm chair

Pink Victorian couch with green lace throw

The Paris end

fabulous table  I picked up for Mr FV&C now at
The Glen Waverly Centre
Miss Grace at a party with her girlfriends.
Thanks everyone for your comments, they are really appreciated .Sometimes you wonder If anyone is reading your little blog  and it has been great feedback!
                                                                          Cheers Lyn

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