Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Its Been a big Creative Day

Hi Everyone ,
I've had a big creative day today in between Kindergarten,shopping and speech therapy.
However I managed to get five Lacy's made.
Also Its a bit of a catch up Blog.
Warning photo heavy blog!!!!
beautiful linen tablecloth that needed to be seen

1920s inspired

embroidery detail

summer lacy dress

Melbourne Centenary  Jacket

with lace peplum

doesn't look much on the rack

Lacy cardie

lacy skirt

neckline detail if 1920s tea dress

some nice bits in my stall

 We also had a day out last Sunday up at the Dandenongs and spent some time at Emerald Lake
Mr FV&C with Miss Grace on paddle boats

Miss Grace and a paddle Pop.

 Last Saturday was my friend Robins 70th Birthday she is the second from the right she had an amazing party complete with band and two drag Queens (that's how I want to spend my 70th birthday) and a great time was had by all!
So its off to the dentist I go tomorrow(with a few well chosen Opp shops on the way)so I may not feel as jovial tomorrow!!! cheers Lyn

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