Monday, 14 January 2013

More up-cycle work

Hi Everyone,
I so love the summer weather that it definitely puts me in a creative mood and I actually get a whole lot of things done! Today I used up a whole lot of bits that have been hanging around the sewing room and and made a fairy costume.I also picked up a chair at a thrift store and patch worked some old sheets into a pretty cover.Finally there was an old suitcase hanging around home that just needed some legs to make it into a funky table!                                         All complete!
                                                         The bits and bobs fairy dress
                                                           Funky up-cycled sheet chair
                                                              3 legged suitcase chair
I love to recycle stuff that is destined for landfill, Its what drives me!hope you like these quirky bits!
                                  These Items will be for sale at The Vintage Shed tomorrow
                                                                      Cheers Lyn

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely love your fairy dress!! ...and your chair...aren't you clever! Best wishes, Dee xx