Sunday, 13 January 2013

Up cycle a summer dress into a 1950s playsuit

Hi Everyone,
 As you know I love to sew and recycle,so i thought there might be some folks out there with the same addictions. I've made quite a few of these for the shop and they seem to be very popular,and a great way to update a fairly boring Sundres into something vintage (1950's) style.
So even if your an old hand or a beginner this project is fairly easy.
So check your wardrobe or go down to your local charity shop and see what you can do!
 First start with a Sundres this one is strapless but pretty much any style will do. I tend to choose ones with shirring at the back to maintain the 1950s look.
 Cut your shape in the bottom part of the skirt. If your not confident grab a pair of Knickers and trace the pattern from them.
Make shure the back of crutch is longer than the front ,this makes the fit a bit better.(see picture) look at the construction of your knickers and you will get the idea.
This is about the hardest part, its easy from here.
                                                     Over lock  or zig zag the cut edges.
                                                        Sew the crutch seam together.
                                             Turn the edges over (about 1cm or1/2 an inch) and sew .
                                          Press so your seams sit flat (It just gives a better finish)
                                                                     Your done!
                            If you want to use your scraps, cut a strip across the bottom of the skirt

                                                    Press the cut side so that they match
                                                Fold in half again and sew strait down one side.
                                                                  Knot the ends
                                       You can either use for halter tie, shoulder straps or a waist tie

Here's one I prepared earlier !Vintage Hawaii style,
    and a floral number!
I hope you like ! 
Cheers Lyn

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  1. Do you realise that it's 40 years exactly tomorrow since you had your 9th birthday party at Luna Park in your trendy apple green shorts? Still feeling queasy from the Scenic Railway ride with you and your Mum! Happy Birthday Australia Day baby!
    sue taylor