Friday, 14 June 2013

Just a small break in Transmission...

Hi Everyone,
 I've had a little break from all things computer related of late because I had a little face book bullying.
 So I decided to take a step away, however this has not stopped me sewing, creating or finding some cool stuff out there.
So here's a few of the up cycled, found,and loved photos.
A Vintage metal pfaff at the vintage shed These are really reliable machines for those who love to sew!

This is my display of picnicanalia .

Found my first Missoni dress and it's a feather killer!

Up cycling some vintage fabric into a cotton jumper

A skirt made into a bag

A few full circle skirts made from vintage fabrics.

Fabulous Gucci silk tattoo top

Some more bloomers from vintage curtain fabrics

And finally Miss Grace will be making her way to mainstream school next year after spending two and a half years catching up ,with thanks to Mornington special development school,speech therapists and lots of friends and family!
                                                               Cheers for now Lyn

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  1. Sorry to hear about the fb bullying- people can be so cruel! xx Shauna