Saturday, 25 May 2013

Birthdays,Commonfolk,and Military style

Hi everyone,
 Its been a fun packed week or two,Miss Grace had her 5th birthday with lots of present opening and little party at home with friends.
I'm really glad to report that she is talking really well and even starting to give quite a bit of cheek!
                                  Miss Grace unwrapping her presents with daddy watching
So Uncle Tom and I had Lunch out the other day and enjoyed Yummy Avocado smash at Commonfolk in Mornington
                                Uncle Tom had a roast pork and coleslaw and a good time was had by all !
                                       The nice folk at  Commonfolk progress street Mornington
                                                     New tag for my military inspired range
                                                         A re purposed black coat

                                            Re  Purposed red coat (I'm keeping this one)
                                       Pretty vintage military style table cloth made into a skirt
                                                                           The Look
                                                    Miss Grace eating chippies on the couch
So we are back to cold miserable weather this week so keeping warm and entertained is what its all about.
Ive got some new ideas coming and some creative up cycling projects on the boil so stay tuned !!!
                                                                Cheers for now Lyn


  1. Hi Lyn I have been searching for a way to contact you for such a long time & can't seem to find an email or ph number. If you could email me at i would soooo appreciate it, i have something i need made & think you would be perfect at it! thank you so much! xx

  2. Hi Emma,tried to contact you with your email address but it wouldnt go thru!I'm at the vintage shed usually every Thursday morning.or you can contact me at 0408897636.Cheers Lyn