Friday, 8 August 2014

Cleaning up my work room

Hi Everyone,
So it's been six years in a mess,stepping over boxes of fabric,piled high with half finished ideas and lots of stuff that just needed throwing out.
I've finally made a start! Yes I know you ask yourself why have you waited six years?
Well with a small person ,a buisness and helping my husband it's just been too hard! I would make a start and someone would get sick or we would have a huge estate to process and I've never had a good run at it.
This week I had two full days af cleaning sorting and organising ! Yay!
So there is still quite a lot to organise but I feel I've broken the back of it.

Scissors all found and organised

                                        but there is still lots of fabric to fold and sort out.
I actually started by making the curtains first out of Vintage pillowcases and they now make the room cosy and warm as we are having a particularly cold winter.
onwards I go and hope it wont take me another six years to finish it!
Cheers Lyn.

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