Tuesday, 14 October 2014

More upcycling projects

Hello everyone,
I came across a plastic coated apron at the opp shop the other day and I bought it without a plan in mind.
It was clearly a tourist gift from London with the underground depicted on it and I've fond memories of the London Underground when I visited as a teenager.
I recall it had wooden escalators back then with long rides to the platforms ,as we in Melbourne did not have an underground system then.
Anyway my beloved came home with an odd stool from hard Rubbish ( curb side pickup )and said do you want it! Hell yes I replied I have a great project in mind.
So I stripped off the old cover and found the foam was in pretty good condition,there was no weird
smells so on to the next step.
Next I used the old top as a pattern drew around it with a texta and measured the side strips and cut 
Them both out.Then I sewed the whole lot together making certain that they were double stitched the ends .next I used a glue gun to fold and attach the top to the base. I think it turned out quite well.

Cheerio Lyn 

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