Monday, 10 October 2011

Sewing and stuff

Hi everyone,
That's both of You ! Ive had productive couple of days Sunday, started my summer clothing range using white linen and Vintage lace up cycling old linen clothing.
Ive also put all my stalls together at the Vintage emporium and created a whole new look I thing I have at least one third of the emporium now! The factory at Dromana has some new t towel cushions made with my fair hands (which by the way are so sore from all the sewing. ouch)
And I have moved my menswear stall into Mr FV&C stall at the Glen Waverly With My now famous t towel shorts and men's Chenille pants (you will probably see Mr FV&C walking around in one of his pairs).
 So big couple of days .
My Mate Tamara over at Shabby Vintage Junk has offered to help me with the photo stuff and when shes free I will be taking her up on it !!!! There is hope for me Yet
Cheers for now Lyn

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