Saturday, 15 October 2011

The vintage Caravan

So here is my favorite project when I got her

she is a little old

a little shabby

3 broken windows

and a few unwelcome crittersbut I love her and shes mine!

So the plan is to make her beautiful and while I'm out searching for all things vintage, I'm finding stuff for her.

Always looking for pretty things ,things that fit in with her style, her age and her colours.

But...she doesn't have a name yet ,so I'm open for suggestions .

Please leave a comment and give me some ideas for naming her.
 She is Australian made around the late fifties early sixties silver aluminium with blue stripe down both sides.

I will keep you posted with her slow renovations as finances and time allows.

Thinking caps on folks,I look forward to hearing from you !
Cheers Lyn

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