Sunday, 16 October 2011

Vintage Caravan update

 So I'm making Vintage Travel t towels into cushions.

 1950s vase black with polka dots Barsony statue black 1950s wall figurines
 Cute red and white vintage stool grans blanket fabulous red Rexal picnic set
Still working on the deck ,currently its an old gate slowly finding timber for the deck.
Mr FV&C has found me two matching conical pots which I'm filling with cacti and succulents and have painted vintage red. So the theme is blue, red and generally 50s colours.
Ive also got some great black and white check lino for the floor (am waiting for a warm evening to remove old carpet and lay it.)
 Ive also made some cute blue gingham curtains (see first photo) So hopefully next week I should have some more done.
 cheers for now Lyn

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