Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mini Flu and more cushions

Hi Everyone,
Miss Gracie picked up a little sniffle the other day which has transferred to me in the form of a bad cold.
Lucky Mr FV&C hasn't got it yet as  that would mean man flu, But to his credit he did let me have asleep today and did most of the parental duties.While the cold and flu tablets were working I did manage to get some cushions made.So here they are!
Mrs Beeton Vintage T Towel cushion

 A close up of the mistress
The Women's bowling carnival 1979

Doing the dishes

1977 jubilee and city of London

Melbourne and Tassie


So I'm off to bed now as we have a full day at Glen Waverley tomorrow getting our stalls organised with Uncle Toms help. Cheers Lyn


  1. Lyn, if u still have the apple cushion can I buy it please? Bec

    1. Hi Bec I have taken it to Glen Waverley but I can bring home again if its still there !

  2. Thanks, if it's not sold yet....can leave some money at the shed in yr pigeon hole for you. Bec