Friday, 1 June 2012

Moves and Changes at Glen Waverley

Hi Everyone,
Once again Friday afternoon is always filled with lots of changes and this was no exception.Mr F,V &C generously made some space in his cool room area for me to put my clothing and boutique area while we are making my old stall into a more industrial/vintage area.
New clothing area in cool room

Bags  and hats

Gloves and purses

Mr FV&C kitchen stall next door

A selection of aprons and tablecloths

A lovely L

sweet typewriter

Mr FV&Cs retro

My funky T Towel chair

Yummy yellow

Planet retro

Septembre style

Milk bar lovelies

Cleo watching the proceedings
Still more work to do (never really ends)will be back Wednesday to continue moving and shaking !
                                                                hope you like!
                                                                Cheers Lyn

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