Saturday, 2 June 2012

Zips and T Towel Up-cycling

Hi Everyone,
I love to find a use for everything that comes into my hot little hands but some times it hangs around for ages before an idea comes to light. This cute vintage T Towel is one such item.It had been well loved and I just loved the colours but there was a hole in it . as I was going through my zip stash a little idea came into my head. and here it is !


A close up 
It's currently sitting on Mr FV&Cs Danish Deluxe 3pce Lounge I"m in the middle of covering with Vintage T Towels (one down 2 to go) and it does make a nice picture. So now I'm off to either finish the couch or do something more with Zips .
Cheers Lyn

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