Wednesday, 20 March 2013

2 weeks of sun

Hi Everyone,
I was getting a bit burnt out for a while there and I decided after ringing my brother for his 60th birthday that it had been six years since I had been over to visit him and it was about my turn!
So I trotted off to my local travel agent an booked myself and Miss Grace a ticket to sunny Western Australia to spend some quality time with big brother( and of course to visit some new and exciting opp shops while I was there)
Big brother built a special bed for Miss Graces stay

Beautiful Mandurah

I can't help but sew(new quilt cover for my brother)

beautiful halls head beach (everyday for a swim)

Miss Grace and my big brother at the crab festival

Fremantle beach

Some nice new books I picked up
I caught up with some old friends (Phil ,Heidi,Robyn and Paul) and did lots of lovely shopping  with Miss Heidi, resting and bonding with my little Miss Grace.(and heaps of talking reminiscing and generally having a good Laugh with my brother.)
 so home today Mr FV&C has organised another estate tomorrow( me thinks it was just an excuse to spend the day together) so strait back to work, but next blog I will try and photograph some of the fantastic vintage treasures that I bought back home.
                                                    Cheers all Lyn

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