Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Granny Chic

Hi Everyone,

 I came back from my holiday refreshed with lots of ideas keen to get in to my sewing machine. After a few technical difficulties and the call to a sewing machine mechanic I'm glad to say all is well and I haven't stoped sewing for two days so here's what I've done.


cotton cardie with vintage buttons
                     up cycle skirt with patchwork trim
red cotton cardie with pockets
                                                                                              skirt/dress made from vintage aprons
my logo

pretty top with crochet detail

wrap pillowslip apron

up cycle dress

double sided cushions

made with pretty scraps,table cloths .doilies and vintage pillowcases
 They were lots of fun to make and will be at the vintage shed/emporium on Thursday for Easter.
                                                      Well Miss Grace is impressed anyway!
                                                            So have a great Easter
                                                                      Cheers Lyn


  1. Love the cushions. a great way to repurpose to enjoy all those pretty doilies and fabrics.