Sunday, 3 March 2013

Aprons for the inner domestic Godess

Hi  Everyone,
After reading my new favourite blog  Dottie angel I was inspired  to do a bit of creative sewing and use up some scrappy pieces I had trouble parting with.I used a diverse range of bits and bobs from doyleys, cafe curtains ,old belts,pillowcases ,scraps of lace and I'm pretty happy with them,so I gave them names.(clearly I need a holiday or at last some quiet time!)
she"s Annabella

this is Edith

and here is Sally

detail of Sally's pocket
 So I'm heading off to western Australia with Miss Grace on Wednesday for a little break and to spend some time with my big brother who has just turned sixty! When I get back I will be back in the sewing room and creating my little heart out hopefully feeling a little more relaxed.
                                                               Miss Grace looking cute.
                                                                       Cheers all

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