Friday, 28 March 2014

Collection every couple of days #8

Hi Everyone,
We have all had stockings in our lives,however when my corporate life ended and I started working for myself,I never wore stockings again (thank goodness) well not everyday anyway
.this little collection is a fairly resent acquisition . We cleaned out a house of  a lady who had suffered terribly in the depression and had a life long habit of keeping everything (and I mean everything ). So every piece of packaging that came into the house was kept.
So these are some of the stocking packets and advertising inserts that came with them,she also kept all the bags that they came in. All beautifully kept and neatly filed away .

I have sold many of the unopened packets but I just couldn't part with these,like many of my collections they have no monetary value  I just like them.
Cheers Lyn

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