Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Collection every couple of days #5

Hi Everyone,
Lets talk about Sunglasses, I have had a difficult relationship with sunglasses over the years ,and for a long time could not find anything that worked on my face .I have had expensive ray bans chep $20 specials and hand me downs from friends.Then one day at a garage sale I found some cats eyes and I was hooked .Then luckily my friend Tess started To catch a thief sunglasses,which are fabulos reproduction sunnies.so back to the collection,its not a large collection but there are quite a few vintage ones ,a particular favourite,are the black ones with the diamanté trim which I'm told came from dame Edna Everedges collection.
There the sparkly ones in the middle, a gift from my beloved!
Do you have sunnies that evoke a memory or a particular favourite ?
cheers Lyn

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